Raya Grace
We Believe in the Power of Music

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Music Preschool Fall 2018 registration opens in January!

Music, Voice, and Piano
Students learn to sing, play the piano, and understand music theory in a fun, hands-on, social setting!

Grouped by age and ability:
Melody (Level 1, ages 4-6)
Harmony (Level 2, ages 6-8)
Improvisation (Level 3, ages 7-12)
1 hour, weekly.

Music Preschool
for 3-5 year olds
high-quality music program
combined with a well-rounded, 
academic preschool curriculum.
Voice, Rainbow Bells, and Piano,
Whole-Group AND One-On-One Reading,
Outdoor Play, 
Healthy and Unique Snacks, 
and Fun Projects and Activities!

Private Lessons
Piano and Voice
For students who thrive with 
one-on-one attention
Lessons are 30 minutes, 
once a week.
Taught by skilled musicians
and teachers.